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Tuvalu Islands

Jacek, SP5EAQ and Marek SP7DQR plan to be QRV from Tuvalu (T2) from the 14th of March 2017 to 04th of April 2017 on 80-10m bands. Jacek operates only SSB, while Marek digi Modes (mainly RTTY) and CW. Activity is planned for a period of three weeks, however, the dates may change due to the unpredictability of transport during the season of cyclones. We have got T2AQ (SP5EAQ) and T2QR (SP7DQR) call signs.

About Operators...


Jacek's SP5EAQ prior Pacific DX-peditions include E51EAQ, ZK3Q, 5W0AF, A3EAQ, T30AQ, 3D2MJ and ZL7/SP5EAQ.



For Marek SP7DQR it is the first expedition. Marek is an author of many programs and electronics constructions for hams. He is a QSL-Manager for many stations.

We would like to thank:

  • John KK7L for outstanding assistance in logistics
  • Krzysztof SP5RDN for technical assistance
  • Pawel SP7SP for 1 KW PA


    We are happy to meet all the costs of the DX-pedition, but we are seeking sponsorship and donations from individuals, DX clubs and organizations towards any excess baggage charges, printing QSLs and similar expenses. To make a donation, please go to Donations menu.

    Jacek SP5EAQ & Marek SP7DQR