DX-pedition went QRT at midnight of local time. Nearly 10 000 QSOs have been made. Thank you for co-operation on the bands.
73 de Jacek and Marek


Yesterday an 80m verical with a top hat and two elevated radials replaced our 40m stuff. With some matching efforts the SWR of 1,0 was achieved. In the local morning 40 cw qsos on 3.505 (listening up 1) was made by T2QR. Signals were tiny. distorted, and difficult to resolve. Please be patient and follow 16wpm speed. Propagation was not favorable athough T2QR worked several JA, UA and Ukraine stations during 1h opening toward Eu.
15m opens time to time but mostly toward JA. Till now we have not logged any qso on 12 and 10m but we plan to check this bands more often. T2AQ logged 314 contacts on 20 m during WPX Contest.
73 de Jacek and Marek


Yesterday night he had 12h blackout, just a few contacts after 15m was open for a short time of local evening.
We have about 6.000 contacts logged. Several stations doubling contacts on the same bands although our logs are available in the Internet.
T2AQ plans to be active in WPX Contest on 20m.
In the same hotel Tim T2TT installed a windom aiming 80 entry.
In a couple of days we plan to replace 40m verical by 80m. On 10 and 12m no activity till now, however Tim reported a single qso with JA using JT-65 on 10m!
73 de T2AQ and T2QR


While upper bands are dead we spent most of the time on 20, 30, and 40 meters working SSB and RTTY. 17 and 15 meters are controlled time to time.
There is limited space for antennas, we are using different monoband verticals and the highest mast available (15m) will serve later to activate 80m but at the moment hosts 40m vertical with 2 resonated radials.
The last night we had 12B gale and the wideband dipol belonging to a police station broke but our antennas survived.
Logs are uploaded at least once a day but access to the Internet is sporadic.
Eurpean pileups on 20m in our evenings are sometimes heavy but QRN lowers the qso rate substantially.


Today we paid a visit in 3D2AG shack. In the picture (from left to right): Jacek SP5EAQ, Marek SP7DQR, and Tony 3D2AG.


All baggage has arrived safely to Suva (Fiji). Tomorrow we shall meet Tony 3D2AG working on antennas before his trip to Rotuma.Tueseday morning we fly to T2.
73 de Jacek SP5EAQ and Marek SP7DQR.


All preparations completed: callsigns T2AQ and T2QR granted, import permit for radio (Fiji in transit) issued, shack at Funafuti booked. Priceless help obtained from John KK7L.
73 de Jacek SP5EAQ and Marek SP7DQR.